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Brad Garlinghouse Wearing our socks to launch XRAPID

David Schwartz wearing our XRP watch 


its that time Crypt_oclock


Socks are fantastic ! They received alot of attention. Once we get back our professional photographer pics I''ll send you some. The socks made it extra special for Jen and I.....we have our family with us in spirit. Thanks!


Wedding anniversary on ice sorted


Didn’t you hear? Those socks go very well with flip flops!藍


yeah baby!!!! TRX socks made it to America!!! Thanks!!! Love em!!!


i could almost call this collection complete. what time is it? XRP time




I'm just getting ready to head to church and wondering if a XRP tie would be too much.... love the socks!


Thanks +0.589 for the wicked mug that reveals is heating up! Have a great weekend


is a perfect fit for me! Thanks


I bought her some xrp socks from - she bought me some bacon and egg socks, were both the winners here!


Couldn’t resist getting my socks in too my socks were in the laundary


For my first day at my new job! Thank you you rock!


As everyone is in despair this week, he’s a fun post...

Sporting my newest pair of socks to salute cryptos most loving, but also darn right craziest fam . Word up to all you hodlers!

Shout out to my fellow North East bro for the socks. Thanks bro


Night out with my beautiful wife


I even have lucky socks from


do you know what time it is?



Just got my Socks Thanks to for these wonderful creations.


Glad my socks fit my size 16 feet! Who doesnt have a pair yet?


when you visit a new office for work and you want to make an impression


Remember back in the day when women’s ankles were considered too sexy? I understand it now. Thanks


Thanks for this pair of socks


thanks bro!  My feet smell like 


Nice little birthday delivery from Love them! Off out for a drink with Mrs Vader. I’ll be drinking a few glasses of red to the today!


XRP cup arrived today @Cryptoe_man

VERY happy with it 

Little do these people know, what they’re missing out on, because 99% of them refuse too. Don’t be the 99%  


Look what just turned up in the mail today! Thank you , everyone at the office loves them!


Woohooo!!! Just arrived! Thank you for these amazing socks! Super fast shipping!! :) :)


Got home from work to a present from the postman Cheers


Thank you ! Some of the most comfortable socks I have ever had the honor of owning


イギリスからXRPソックスが大量に届きました!(AMAでガーリングハウスが履いていたのと同じやつ。) Finally, I've got XRP Socks from the UK!!




Not trying to create a here... but some things can’t be stopped! - top notch gear!!!!!!


Loving the fresh socks from 罹 Surprisingly good quality and ultra comfort. Fast and efficient delivery. As you'd expect with a Ripple product 


When your dream socks come in the mail. Thank you


We got them

@Makkie1971 @olaf_arnold

Thanks to @Makkie1971 and @cryptoe_man