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Casino Coin PRESALE


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hey CSC community


These socks have not been made, this is a PRE-SALE.

My target is to reach 35 sales, If I reach 35 sales i will get these put into production... If it does not reach 35 sales anyone who buys them WILL BE REFUNDED THEIR MONEY

If you wish to pay in CSC that is fine just contact me


It is very hard to figure out a time scale as I don't know how quickly 35 people will order these socks but the sock production takes about 3 weeks and 1 week to be delivered to me, so once they arrive to myself your order will be shipped the same day i get the socks in the post

if you purchase these socks and the process is to long to wait you can contact me at any time to get your money back not a problem at all

if you have any questions please contact me