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Ripple Phonecase


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I've created this case so you can have your very own QR code on the back of your phone so you can get paid by your friends easily, or if you work in a tipping environment? Then this is the product for you!!!!

Not sure on the pattern? or colour? or do you have another crypto in mind that also has this function, do you want your own QR phone case for your personal wallet thats not just the XRPTIPBOT

no problem at all just drop us a message via the website or contact me on twitter @Cryptoe_man

The case we offer Are soft gel cases and the design is printed directly onto the case, as you know we drive our self in quality, so we won't be offering cheap hardback cases that scratch your phone.

I am currently using my XRP pop socket with the case and together they go great :) now i can hold my phone safely and also use it to stand up whilst watching videos of XRP of Course.

We would like to do a massive shoutout to @wietsewind for bringing this amazing tech to our finger tips


once you have placed your order please contact us via Twitter or via email Cryptoeman@gmail.com with a picture of your QR scan Code and your Phone model so we can get the correct case to you